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The Squaretint family comprises of closely-knitted multi-talented multimedia designers, software professionals, data processers and telecallers having tremendous passion for building end to end business solutions. We are a team of dedicated technocrats who are committed to hear nothing less than one word for our work – Perfect.

What we do at Squaretint is simple – We Design Solutions which could scale, perform and exceed expectations. We equally value all customers be it a Startup, Individual, Mid-Size, Enterprise or Fortune 500.

Tailor profitable IT & multimedia services for businesses of all sizes hailing from all industries. We cater to all types of IT based solutions, ranging from a few-paged interactive website to a complete web-based enterprise wide e-commerce based solution, from a small desktop widget easing your daily important tasks to applications managing everything for your global business. Our solutions are extremely robust and work on multiple platforms. We enjoy challenges, especially those which others mark as impossible. The more complicated the higher our enthusiasm.

Creating robust designs and software solutions to deliver them with great levels of professionalism and diligence is our goal. It is backed by a great sense of commitment, tremendous industry exposure, great teamwork and creditable technical expertise. Our committed professionals aim to provide our customers with multimedia services, software solutions, data processors and customer support par excellence.

Designs and IT solutions created and maintained by Squaretint have certain common basic essential features; they are all critically analyzed, designed, constructed, tested, and thus, engineered to perfection. We specialize in molding our products and services to best suit our clients’ requirements, which lets them wear a wide smile always. Associating with us for your business proposal will make you repeat what our existing customers have to say about our work – Superb.

Our vision is completely synchronized with that of our customers and we view the projects from first-hand perspectives. Squaretint has customers across multiple continents, which means that we’re extremely comfortable working across different time zones. We have a global client footprint with customers in Australia, India, U.S., Saudi, Sweden and France, amongst others.

Our Services

Progressively productivate diverse channels and economically sound mindshare. Energistically engineer intuitive methods of empowerment. Rapidiously syndicate transparent processes via synergistic technologies.


Graphic Design

The skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines or books presents a perfect Graphic Design.


UX/Web Design

Inovative & Amazing design that promotes the business and a product which is being sold online is UX/Web Design.


Web Development

The technicality of presenting the website & the products in it is nothing but the web development.


Desktop App Development

A small desktop widget easing your daily important tasks to applications managing everything for your global business.


Web App Development

Technicality in an App that is used in different continents using Internet as an interface is Web App Development.


Software Testing

An investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test is Software Testing.


Data Processing

Carrying out of operations on data, to retrieve, transform or classify information regarding any industry like Medical, Education etc. is Data Processing.


Tele Calling

An effective and economic method for contacting and informing our new and existing customers about our products and service or the information that is needed by them or knowing the information that we need is Tele calling.